What is Hypnotherapy?

Laura Culley Hypnotherapy

There is a lot of mystery and confusion surrounding hypnosis which puts a lot of people off. This is a shame as hypnotherapy is such an effective tool for dealing with so many issues. What do you think of when you hear the word “hypnosis”? Do you see a mysterious man waving a pocket watch in front of your face, repeating the phrase, “You are feeling very sleepy!” Maybe your mind turns straight to the stage hypnotists who appear to control the minds of their subjects and get them clucking like chickens every time they hear a bell ring?

So, What is Hypnosis?

There is no question as to whether or not hypnosis works, the problem is that science still can’t decide how it actually works, which makes it very difficult to explain!

The British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis states:

“In therapy, hypnosis usually involves the person experiencing…

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Who will you be in 2017?

On the eve of New Years Eve, I had the pleasure of chaperoning a party for 5th and 6th graders in our town…an early New Year’s Eve event organized by a few parents.  There were donated treats, party hats and horns, and a fabulous DJ playing age-appropriate music.  A great time was had by all.  Especially me.

Why?  Well, I enjoy watching these adorable children in the glory of their early middle school years.  They’re still young enough that there was no visible boy/girl drama, very little “cliquish” behavior, and still more giggles and screaming than sobs and disappointment that a typical middle school dance might bring.

I do love people-watching, even when the subjects are many decades younger.  Quite a few observations can be made about kids, even at this early age.

There is a definite social hierarchy…leaders and followers, and those who must be the center of attention.  …

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He walked ahead first. I followed obediently. He walked so fast, I had to do quick sprints to catch up to him. He never looked back to see if I was behind him. He never looked back to check if I followed. He walked confidently forward, never looking back.


We sat down for a small group dinner. He sat across from me, Victoria to the side of me. His eyes smiled at Victoria, but never greeted mine. I was desperate. My eyes were screaming his name. Look at me! I wanted to shout. But it was as if he was avoiding contact.

No. Not all contact.

He stared deeply into Victoria’s eyes. I know it wasn’t to coax or flirt with her. But his eyes lit up when they spoke. He showed off his knowledge in politics and government. He spoke eloquently of social theories. He conversed academically of social…

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Serendipitous Rambling

Today I woke up with the memory of a vivid dream.

I was in a hospital, working. A patient had an allergic reaction to a medication. She was collapsing when I was called. I shouted orders. Loaded a syringe. Adrenaline. 0.5 cc. Subcutaneous stat. Checked the vitals. Loaded a repeat dose, and waited. The patient recovered. She smiled at me.

I’m so used to puzzling and embarrassing scenarios in the dream world that this came as a surprise. Anaphylaxis is a particularly dreaded phenomenon in reality as well. Maybe my sub conscious mind believes in me now.

I like that.

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Causeway — A Dream

Nightjars & Damselflies

Causeway.jpg “Causeway” — C.Birde, 1/17

The bus idles in a shallow sputter compared to the ocean’s voice. Though I sit all the way at the back of the bus, I can see easily over the empty rows of seats to the front. My uncle sits behind the wheel. I’m astounded. He intends to drive us over the causeway. That narrow, paved road built on a raised ridge of sand that stretches perilously out into the ocean and uncurls out of sight over the great, gray expanse of shifting water. Doesn’t he remember the last time?

Perhaps he does not. Perhaps he doesn’t care.

Determined not to cry, I press my forehead against the window’s cold glass, try to stare past the hungry waves. The ocean stirs and mutters and threatens my resolve. When my tears come, they are near silent, wracking.

I remember.

Tires humping over asphalt. The ocean, lying in wait, in…

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The world in my eyes...

January 10, 2017

Why is it that ever so often

this dream turns real to haunt me?

Why is it that ever so often

I see this in shocking reality?

Why is it that ever so often

my prayers come to naught?

Why is it that ever so often

I can never shake off this thought:

“Am I just too weak?

Or incapable?”

Or is it that my creative capacity

has already reached its pinnacle?

I can no longer dream this dream.

It is a nightmare beyond compare.

I need to overcome the fear of


cursor2b2Mysuru, Karnataka, India

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Hiding and Crying

Dream Journal

I had two very unrelated dreams last night, but both put me on edge. At least, as I was reaming them.

Dream 1: I was trapped in a three story house by this really creepy old guy. He was thin and bald, and walked with a hunch. Why I was afraid of a guy that I could physically take down easily, I’ll never know.

The house was a hoarders paradise; it was full of boxes and trinkets –many of the broken– that filled every corner of the house. Everything in the house was gray-toned, like Tim Burton had filmed the scene.  

For some reason, I had it in my mind to hide my phone from the man. For whatever reason, I knew bad things would happen if her got ahold of it. So, instead of spending my time trying to escape the giant, messy house, I spent my…

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Google Daydream Adds Huawei to Compatibility List

Source roadtovr.com

Huawei is the latest manufacturer to join Google’s list of compatible devices for the Daydream platform. The Huawei Mate 9 Pro and Mate 9 Porsche Design has been, to quote Amit Singh, lead of business and operations at Google’s VR/AR team:

amit-singh Image credit: Reuters

“What we found is building smartphones for VR is a lot of work. It requires a close partnership deep at the engineering level to design the right optics, display technologies, sensors,” said Singh. “We’ve actually worked very closely with Huawei to optimize performance on the Kirin chipset. It’s really an industry-leading SoC which I think will bring choice to consumers and give us really immersive computing which is especially more than VR.”

Huawei joins the Pixel phones, the Moto Z and Z Droid, Asus ZenFone AR, and ZTE Axon 7 phones as the only current Daydream-compatible phones available in the market. One disappointing fact is…

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